Sunrise Brooklyn Bridge Anniversary Session


It’s been weeks since I’ve blogged, so I thought this recent Brooklyn Bridge sunrise anniversary session would be the perfect return from my blogging hiatus.

I met Krystal and Kyle on the top of the Brooklyn Bridge and they didn’t hesitate to love on each other as I snapped away with that beautiful glowing light. They were immediately sweet with each other and at a natural ease, which anniversary shoots so often bring. It’s another reason why I love anniversary shoots!

We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and headed straight for Dumbo and Jane’s Carousel. It was lovely to see the city waking up as Kyle, Krystal and I adventured through Brooklyn.

It’s shoots like this one when I miss living in the city. I miss quiet morning walks in the bustling city as the sun begins to release it’s gift of light. I felt so small in this giant city as we soaked in the light and walked the bridge before 6am. It was a lovely way to spend a morning doing what I love.

Krystal is a talented photographer herself! Check out her work here


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