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It’s hard for me to put into words what this gal, Katie, means to me. For four years of my life, we were inseparable. High school days were brighter with her in them. Katie, Leah and I were nicknamed the “triplets” because we were like sisters, regardless of our different appearances. Our bond was like no other – strengthened with all the drama and laughter that high school days bring. One thing was certain, our love for each other never changed even if we did see each other less over the years that followed. It’s a friendship that will be sacred always.

Katie moved to St. Louis where she found love and ultimately, herself. St. Louis brought her happiness, new friendships and Marcio. Because of the distance, I haven’t gotten to know Marcio very well. I heard the happiness in Katie’s voice each time we chatted but I didn’t witness their love in full comfort like during their engagement session. So when they exhibited complete natural, effortless happiness and love, I was blown away with emotions. Here I was photographing my best friend, my sister, so obviously happy and cared for by this kind, intelligent and handsome man. The tears came and next thing I knew, I’m interrupting their moment with a giant group hug. Truthfully, I’ll never forget it.

I’m beyond excited to capture their wedding in October, which is just about the biggest understatement of the year!

Hair + Makeup || Upstyle & Co

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